GrandPa Died…Grandma Died…Who Really Died?

One of the great things about being a vacation rental manager is hearing the stories of why a guest needs to cancel, leave early or just want money back for a reservation. “My Grandpa just died is the first e-mail from the guest and then the second e-mail states that “Grandma” just died…wow we are thinking what a drag to lose both grand parents in the flash of an eye  wink wink.Old People

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Big “Chill” or “Project X” Party-Somewhere….

Big Party Somewhere in TruckeeThis is the kind of crap that Vacation Rental Managers absolutely dread…….do you really think these guys will be drinking tea and playing bridge? I guess you gotta love the “naked snowball fights”


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Explosion Caused by THC Extraction

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — A 22-year-old man was arrested Wednesday night after allegedly causing an explosion while attempting to make a concentrated form of cannabis from marijuana plant parts.Around 7 p.m. John Doe was allegedly using liquid butane to make “honey oil” from parts of a marijuana plant at a hotel on the 1200 Block of Bonanza Avenue when the butane exploded and blew out the windows of the room, said Jeff Catchings, task force commander of the South Lake El Dorado Narcotics Enforcement Team.
Doe, a South Lake Tahoe resident who recently moved from the midwest, was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance, arson and child endangerment following the blast.
The child endangerment allegation arose from the presence of a young child in a nearby apartment, Catchings said. No one was hurt in the explosion.
Glass from the windows was sent as far as 100 feet from the building and Doe was lucky to escape injury, Catchings said.
Doe remained in custody in El Dorado County Jail in South Lake Tahoe Friday afternoon. It is unknown if he has an attorney.

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Pot Growing Tenants and Their Issues

Iphone FunnyThis is from our “farmer” tenants. They have a huge grow operation but can’t pay rent? What’s wrong with this picture?
















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Guests who turned indoor pool up to 100 degrees!

These are comments from our “pool boy”


Hi Dana & Michelle,

Dirty PoolI have been trying to clear the pool at &^%$%^ but the water is too far gone.I will be going there today ( 10am) to see if the filter ( which is sized too small for the pool ) has cleared the water. The filter is requiring daily cleaning and is not doing the job.I will have to drain the pool starting today if you want it ready for the 3/12 check in…The cost for all this is going to be $250 to drain & fill the pool and chem balance it.I had a drain & fill on the spa and a filter cleaning/service yesterday so the total cost will be $350.Don’t forget to add the cost to heat the pool to 100 ($100)and to reheat the new water ($100)And remember…the guests that are there were not able to use the pool…$100 credit.

Total should be ~~$650+

The guests that intentionally turned the pool temp to 100 should pay for their mistake…


Also…Really need to kick their ass!

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